Your Plan to Success

Know your outcome, solve the right problem
and establish a clear plan to ensure success.


A successful development process is one that delivers a solution on time and on budget; meeting all goals and objectives of the organisation.

The process must consider user expectations and objectives, protect the quality of the solution and produce an outcome that adds significant value to the organisation. It should also drive continuous improvement and allow flexibility to deliver the ideal solution.

To ensure that your development project is a success, Aerion Technologies will guide your organisation through our proven DevReady process.

Refine the Idea, understand the risks, know what to develop and how to develop it. Establish a clear plan to success.

Is this a viable investment? What is the likelihood of success? Should you build it or buy a product off the shelf?

Maximise your return on investment by designing and building only what you need.

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The 7 fatal mistakes organisations make when developing custom software that can cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars


Are you DevReady?

Why DevReady?

DevReady is a proven process that, when followed, has allowed our clients to gain a competitive advantage and realise the benefits of their idea sooner.

Through various workshops, discussion and stakeholder interviews we develop a picture of the problem behind the problem and refine the idea to its essence, so that it delivers the competitive advantage you're after.

You don't need an entire platform developed to start getting a return on your investment. Save time and money by only developing what you need when you need it. Make sure you get it right the first time.

See through the fog and reduce your risks. Uncover as many unknowns and possibilities and don't leave critical decisions until development. We prototype and constantly experiment to ensure what is planned is delivered.

Defining and delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is key to the process. Through the MVP, you will truly be able to test, gauge and begin seeing returns.

What our Clients say

  • Having the DevReady Process, the flexibility that comes with that and the partnership with Aerion has really given us an edge in developing digital solutions to deliver a competive advantage.

    Stewart Bird Digital Futures Leader - Aurecon
  • The projects we work on are complex. Working with Aerion means that we can evolve the way that we are working on them, we can change direction quickly and we get our projects out much faster.

    Andrew Maher Chief Digital Officer at Aurecon
  • It's one thing to say what could be done but it is another to actually deliver. The experience of working with Aerion has been fantastic. From my team to yours, thanks a great deal.

    Colin Madigan Director Communications & Devices - Essilor International
  • One of the key reasons we work with Aerion is that they are Australian owned, trusted and have a local support operation. They provide us with a simple and easy to use retail marketing solution that allows us to manage and operate in-store promotions across 900 member pharmacies around Australia.

    Luke McKinnon National Manager - Pharmacy Choice - Symbion

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